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Kaphornia is the name of a classic Fantasy realm filled to the brim with wonderful cliches and wondrous adventures. It is a guarantee of limitless fun with no strings attached.

What is it about? To cut it short, each Kaphornia adventure is a Fantasy movie for your game table. Grab the book and a couple of friends and experience an enjoyable game session. Just like that, without any preparations or any hindrances of any kind. This is achieved not only by simple rules, but by an appealing presentation that provides the Game Master (called "Narrator") with clear stage directions and prevents the adventure from ever running off the rails.

If you are completely new to playing this kind of games without a computer, then the Kaphornia adventures are exactly the right thing for you! And even when you are already familiar with classic roleplaying games, the Kaphornia adventures provide your with exactly what you need to jump right into the action, and to have so much fun with so little effort, for the price of just one movie ticket.

But you know what? It's actually even better than that! Because within the PDFs provided down here, you already have everything you need to play the game! All the rules are in there (short and simple), as well as tons of good advise for starting Narrators, plus a complete set of hero documents and on top of all that a complete short adventure. Never before has it been so easy to get right into the game, with no strings attached! (Well, you might get hooked on this thing, actually we are counting on it!)

Draconian Rhapsody

An extract from the first Kaphornia adventure, including all (!) rules of the game.
The Island of the Piranha Men

An extract from the second Kaphornia adventure, including the complete "Tips for the Narrator" chapter.
Let's play Hardball

An extract from the third Kaphornia adventure, including all rules and tips for the Narrator.
Draconian Rhapsody Cards

All the cards from the Draconian Rhapsody book as a print-friendly PDF.
The Island of the Piranha Men Cards

All the cards from the The Island of the Piranha Men book as a print-friendly PDF.
Let's play Hardball Cards

All the cards from the Let's play Hardball book as a print-friendly PDF.
Hero Documents

This PDF contains all the hero information you need to start playing right away.
The Yeti Sleigh

A complete Kaphornia adventure with a play time of 30 to 60 minutes. Follow the heroes to the highest peak of the Thorny Mountains, in a quest to rescue a would-be hero and find the legendary Yeti Sleigh.

Still not convinced? Here's a couple of reasons why Kaphornia might be just the right thing for you!

Are you ...

... someone who never before played a Pen & Paper Fantasy Roleplaying game and wants to try something similar without prolonged preparations?

... a roleplaying gamer who wants to share the fascination of the hobby with a group of players who are not familiar with RPGs and would be put off by too many details? Parents, relatives, significant others, children - all those people that you would love to play such a game with but never dared to actually do so.

... a former roleplaying gamer who wants to get back into the hobby but doesn't have the time to read through hundreds of pages of text or spend whole evenings on creating characters?

... a regular RPG gamer who happens to have a few hours of time to kill and wants to do it in an entertaining fashion and also right away, without further delay?

The Kaphornia adventures are suitable for the whole family. They are brimming with action, but refrain from fierce cruelty and brutality. Unlike many other games set in a Fantasy realm the players are not encouraged to kill and destroy, but to help and protect, like real heroes should. This is also underlined by a strong cast of female characters.